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November 2016 Archives

SSD adjudication times may be significantly shorter for veterans

Anybody who has applied for Social Security disability benefits knows that the wait times can be excessively long. Individuals who may be too sick, injured, or otherwise incapable of working can financially suffer while they await a determination of their SSD claim. This isn't fair, but there is very little an individual can do except ensure that his or her claim is as thorough and convincing as possible to lessen the chances of denial and thereby decrease the time an appeal would have tacked onto the wait. For some disabled individuals, though, this may be changing.

Wage reporting under SSD's Ticket to Work program

The goal of Social Security disability is to give disabled individuals financial relief while they attempt to recover from their disabling condition. The benefits are not meant to be permanent for all, though they may be for some. In an effort to get those who are able get back to work, the Social Security Administration has a program known as Ticket to Work. Under this program, individuals receive job assistance to find employment while their SSD benefits are slowly dwindled down depending on their income.

St. Louis firm advocating for disabled individuals

It may seem easy to successfully seek out Social Security disability benefits. After all, an individual merely needs to show that he or she is disabled and unable work. In the simplest terms, this is true. However, the reality is that SSD claims are much more complicated. Last week we discussed the five steps the Social Security Administration takes when adjudicating a claim; each one of those steps can be broken down into even smaller components.

SSD benefits available for breast cancer sufferers

Those who don't know anyone to suffer from breast cancer are extremely lucky. For most Missourians, this oftentimes deadly disease destroys their and their families' lives. Although the mere thought of contracting breast cancer can be enough to send shivers through one's body, those who wind up with the disease need to know what they can do to protect their health as well as their financial well-being.

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