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December 2016 Archives

Understanding a Social Security disability review

People in Missouri who have been approved for Social Security benefits for an injury should understand that the simple reality that they are receiving benefits does not mean that the benefits will continue indefinitely. The Social Security Administration will conduct periodic reviews to determine whether the benefits should continue or not. This is true whether an individual is receiving disability from Social Security or Supplemental Security Income or SSI. For those with injuries that are expected to or could possibly improve, this is a legitimate concern.

The Mental Health Review Board Improvement Act may rectify past wrongs.

If you have been following our blog, you have read about the uphill battle that many veterans face when seeking to qualify for disability benefits for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Previous to their filing, veterans may have grappled daily with the anxiety and depression that characterize this disorder. In choosing to publicly acknowledge mental struggles, these former service members risk association with the stigma that is paired with PTSD. In spite of the social implications that can result from admitting to be suffering from PTSD, these former soldiers seek relief that mental health benefit can provide.

What accounts for the increase in SSD claims?

Many of our readers have heard numerous reports over the last several years about the viability of the Social Security disability system. One reason for funding problems is due to the increase in SSD claims over the years. In 1990, less than 2.5 percent of the working population were considered disabled by the Social Security Administration. By 2015, that number had more than doubled to more than 5 percent.

What is required to get disability for organic mental disorders?

Organic mental disorders are based on the individual having a dysfunction in their brain that results in abnormalities that manifest behaviorally or psychologically. For Missouri residents, having these issues might meet the criteria for qualifying mental conditions in order to receive Social Security disability benefits. With this, there must be laboratory tests or a physical examination and the history to see if there is an organic factor causing the abnormal mental state and inability to function normally. For the person to receive Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions, the categories of A and B must be met, or those in category C must be met.

Strong advocacy to meet strict federal requirments

For many Missourians, their ability to work is directly tied to their livelihood. Without a living wage, these individuals are unable to provide housing, food and other necessities for themselves and their families. Therefore, when a working individual is suddenly injured or suffers a serious illness that leaves him or her unable to work, significant financial hardship may be on the horizon.

Receiving SSD benefits for illnesses with the digestive system

St. Louis residents who are seeking Social Security disability benefits for illness when the illness is related to a problem with the digestive system need to know certain facts regarding how the Social Security Administration decides whether disability benefits are warranted. The decision relates to the disorder itself, the documentation that is provided, and the effects of treatment.

Vision testing for Social Security disability purposes

Those who have suffered vision loss can face a serious hardship. Their day-to-day lives can be changed in many ways. They may be unable to drive and properly see their loved ones, and reading and writing can become extremely challenging. For many of these individuals, adequately performing their job becomes impossible, too. When their vision loss renders them unable to work, they are forced to live without a wage. Needless to say, this is not okay. For this reason, many individuals who have vision problems seek compensation through the Social Security disability system.

What factors are considered with SSD benefits for mental illness?

St. Louis residents who are suffering from mental illness and are considering seeking Social Security disability benefits must be aware of the manner in which these issues are defined and diagnosed. The severity of the issue is a key factor in awarding such benefits. With regards to the severity of a mental illness, there are four factors that a person must have issues with: activities of daily living; social functioning; concentration, persistence or pace; and episodes of decompensation.

What is the Windfall Elimination Provision?

Those who have suffered a disability and are therefore unable to work need to understand the Social Security disability process, as they may be entitled to much needed compensation. In addition to wondering if they qualify for SSD benefits, many individuals question how much money they will receive if deemed eligible. The answer is that it really depends on the circumstances at hand. An individual who receives other government benefits, for example, will likely have their SSD benefits reduced.

Saint Louis firm advocating for disabled veterans

Our nation's military members put their lives on the line for our country from the moment they sign up. Whether on the frontlines of military conflict, or participating in grueling training exercises, these individual's health and well-being is put at risk for the greater good. Unfortunately, far too often these brave men and women are seriously injured while performing their duties. When this happens, they may struggle not only physically and emotionally, but also financially.

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