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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness Archives

Can I get SSD benefits for obesity?

Missourians who have a weight issue that places them in the category of being declared obese will have obvious hindrances when working or trying to work. Some who do not know they might meet the criteria to be considered obese are similarly unaware that they can get Social Security disability benefits for it. Understanding various facts about obesity and how it is assessed by the Social Security Administration is imperative for people who are afflicted with the condition are seeking disability benefits.

Backlog for SSD appeals troublesome for applicants

St. Louis residents who are suffering from an illness and believe that they believe meets the qualifications to receive Social Security disability benefits must be aware that the validity of the medical issue is doubtlessly important, but so too are other factors. One issue that is prominent is the number of people who are waiting for a hearing to receive their benefits. Understanding how this is problematic and the steps to take in attempting to mitigate the wait time is vital.

Can I pursue SSD benefits because of cancer therapy?

Missourians who have cancer can pursue Social Security disability benefits for illness. However, depending on the cancer and the treatment the person is receiving, the illness might not be sufficient to meet the criteria to get SSD benefits. Understanding how the anticancer therapy affects the person is important when determining whether they can receive SSD benefits or not.

If I am getting SSD benefits, is my spouse also eligible?

It is common for people to misunderstand the rules for Social Security disability benefits and fail to apply for certain options that they are entitled to, even after they have been deemed as disabled and are getting benefits. For people in Missouri who seek and are approved for SSD benefits, one of the questions they might forget to ask is whether relatives can also get benefits based on the recipient's record. The answer is yes. There are important points to remember.

Does my skin disorder qualify me for SSD benefits?

For people in Missouri who are suffering from a skin disorder, it is possible to be approved for Social Security disability benefits for illness. To do so, however, it is crucial to understand how the Social Security Administration will assess the severity of the disorder. In general, the SSA will base its assessment on the skin lesions, how often they flare up, the symptoms and their accompanying limitations, the treatment and how the treatment affects the applicant.

Understanding how working can affect SSD benefits

Missourians who have been approved for and are receiving Social Security disability benefits whether it is for an injury, illness or condition frequently want to go back to work if they are capable. However, they have concerns that their SSD benefits will stop once they start earning money. There are federal regulations tied to those who are on disability and work. It is important to understand how benefits can be affected by working.

Epilepsy, seizure and the requirements for SSD benefits

Missourians who have been diagnosed with epilepsy might not be aware that they can get Social Security disability benefits for illness. In some instances, people who suffer from seizure do not even know that they have epilepsy to begin with. For those who think they or a loved one might have epilepsy and suffer from the different kinds of seizures that go along with it, it is possible to receive SSD benefits if they meet the necessary criteria.

Clarifying confusion over Social Security disability benefits

In today's political environment, many Missourians could be confused about certain aspects regarding Social Security and the benefits that people are entitled to. One is Social Security Disability Insurance. Given the way certain political figures are trying to remake the government, including Social Security and its benefits, it can be ignored that SSDI can be just as important for a person living with an injury, illness or condition as Social Security benefits are for a person of retirement age. The truth about SSDI should be accounted for.

Aside from medical condition improvement, when can SSD stop?

St. Louis residents who are receiving disability benefits through Social Security will undoubtedly be aware that if their condition improves, the benefits will stop. This is a basic part of the federal regulations that the Social Security Administration follows with SSD benefits for illness, injury or any other issue. However, there are also other justifications the SSA can use to stop benefits and these too must be understood. When the SSA decides to stop benefits due to these other reasons, having legal help is vital to try and get them back if they are still warranted.

Can I receive SSD benefits if I have multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that can render a person unable to work and in need of help with daily function. St. Louis residents who have been diagnosed with MS may be able to get Social Security disability benefits provided they fulfill the requirements laid out by the Social Security Administration. MS is a disorder that is chronic, inflammatory and degenerative. It affects a sheath that surrounds the nerve fibers of the brain and spinal cord and interrupts the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain and other areas of the body. This hinders the person's strength, muscle coordination, balance, vision and sensation.

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