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Steps to make a divorce more amicable and less dispute-laden

When a Missouri couple chooses to divorce, there are usually lingering issues that spark that decision. Whether they are significant, such as infidelity or financial mismanagement, or of lesser seriousness in that the parties just grew apart, it is wise to try to understand strategies to keep the relationship amicable, if possible. That does not necessarily mean that a couple should be "friends" in the classic sense of the word, but it does mean they will work to avoid an excessive amount of conflict. This is especially important when there are children involved. Knowing how to achieve this is a wise step as part of any divorce.

New tax laws impacting spousal support deductions now in effect

Missouri couples who were considering divorce but did not move forward with it before the end of 2018 should know about how the new tax laws put in place by the Trump Administration will impact them with the dawn of the new year. For those who were completely unaware of how the changes could help or hinder various areas of divorce, it is wise to have a grasp on what is changing and how the person paying spousal support and the person receiving spousal support will need to adapt at tax time. Of course, having legal assistance is always a wise step.

Temporary orders and authorized motions during a divorce

When a Missouri couple begins divorce proceedings, the immediate aftermath will often elicit questions as to how certain circumstances will be handled. Temporary child support and spousal support is an inevitable concern. Frequently, there is worry that certain behaviors will need to be interrupted via court order. This can encompass many different things. Some place people at risk. For those who are divorcing, understanding how the law addresses temporary orders and authorized motions is a key part of a case.

Do I need education or alternate dispute resolution in a divorce?

Missourians who have decided to divorce will undoubtedly understand that there are many issues that must be navigated. However, the law has certain requirements that people might not be aware of, but are important nonetheless. In some cases, the court will make it mandatory that there be educational sessions or alternative dispute resolution meetings. If this is the situation, the parties should know when it could be ordered and how it works.

Divorce issues affect older people in different ways

A growing trend in the U.S. is the number of people who are considered older and are deciding to get a divorce. Missourians who are in this situation should think about the various issues that accompany a so-called "gray divorce." Problems that people 50 and older who decide to get divorced can differ from those experienced by younger people. Since the 1990s, the number of people 50 and older who have divorced has doubled. One obvious reason that there has been a rise in these divorces is the increase in lifespans. However, there are other considerations that should be assessed when thinking about a divorce at a later age and having legal help is crucial.

How is child support enforced and who can receive state help?

Missourians who are supposed to receive child support should get it in full and on time. However, there are times when they do not get the payments as they are supposed to and it is necessary to seek help from the Family Support Division. When seeking that help, it is first important to know who is eligible for child support services. Then, it is beneficial to understand what steps FSD can take when child support is not being paid and no other attempts to receive the payments have been successful. Knowing this information is key before taking the next step.

What if there is a dispute over child relocation in Missouri?

For Missouri couples who are getting a divorce, there is a litany of issues that must be dealt with. Even when the case has been settled and the factors in dispute have seemingly been addressed, that does not mean the peace will last forever. This is especially true when there are children involved. In some instances, the custodial parent will want to relocate with the child. Even in cases where there is a relatively amicable parting of the ways, relocation can cause problems that turn the relationship contentious if not outright hostile. Understanding how the law of the state deals with relocation is imperative for both sides.

Legal help with a divorce and premarital agreements

Some Missouri residents have significant assets that they would like to protect before they get married. Others seek to handle this after they have gotten married. This is where premarital and postnuptial agreements come in. Understanding how these agreements can affect the case if there is a divorce underway is one of the most contentious and worrisome issues in family law. Having legal assistance for these cases is a must.

What is considered with property division in a Missouri divorce?

Divorce can be a complicated situation for all couples in Missouri. The issues that come up for dispute are many and one that is frequently problematic is how property division and debts will be handled. Understanding how the law deals with property and debts is imperative when the case is moving forward. While it is preferable for the parties to come to an amicable agreement, that is not always possible. So, having a grasp of the law can avoid being a negative outcome.

What issues can a Missouri court consider in a divorce?

Getting divorced in Missouri can be an emotional endeavor. When a couple gets married, they will overwhelmingly want it to work out so they can stay together and maintain the family unit. In reality, a significant proportion of marriages fail. There are a variety of reasons for this. When deciding to divorce in Missouri, it is important to remember the basics of completing the process. Knowing the state laws for a divorce is part of that.

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