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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

Legal help is key when seeking SSD benefits after a brain injury

The brain is such a complex part of the body and the linchpin in basic human functioning that when a Missourian suffers a brain injury, it can cause an endless stream of problems in the long and short term. Those who have suffered a brain injury might find themselves unable to function normally, need therapy and other treatments, and not be able to work. It is in these cases that Social Security disability benefits will be necessary and a lawyer is imperative to get approved for SSD benefits.

What should I know about credits for Social Security Disability?

For Missourians who are injured and unable to work, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for injuries can be a lifesaver. However, one aspect that many applicants are not fully aware of is among the most important: Social Security credits. There are a certain number of credits accrued from work that the person must have to get SSD benefits. For those who work, but do not have enough credits to qualify, they will retain the credits they have accumulated. If they go back to work, the credits they earn can be added to the credits they had in the past.

Can my children get benefits if I get Social Security disability?

When a Missouri parent is injured and needs Social Security disability benefits, one common concern is what will happen with their children and if the children can also receive benefits. The Social Security Administration will pay not just to help those who receive qualifying SSD benefits for injury, but for their families as well. This is done so the children can have what they need to function on an everyday basis and complete school. Knowing who is eligible and how to get these benefits is imperative.

Is it worth it to appeal if my Social Security disability stops?

A Missourian who is getting Social Security disability benefits for injury and had the benefits stopped might be discouraged thinking that an appeal is a waste of time. However, the Social Security Administration has multiple levels of appeal and many people who meet the criteria for qualifying SSD benefits for injury have had their benefits stopped and then got them again on appeal. There are four different levels of appeal: reconsideration, a hearing before an administrative law judge, going to the appeals council, or filing with federal court. It is vital to understand certain basic factors about the process.

Taking the needed steps to win a Social Security disability claim

A Missouri resident who has suffered an injury and cannot work will have the right to seek Social Security disability benefits for injury. However, it should be remembered that many claims are denied. Frequently, this is not due to the injury not being sufficient to achieve qualifying SSD benefits for injury, but because there might have been missteps or mistakes made while going through the process of applying. That makes it wise to ensure that the case is properly prepared with help from an experienced attorney.

The importance of Social Security Disability Insurance

Unexpected injuries can occur to Missourians at any time. For many, this can cause personal and financial problems over the long term. This is true regardless of how the injuries came about. Social Security disability is a useful protection for people in the event they are injured and find themselves suddenly unable to work and earn an income. Thinking about this eventuality and being prepared is essential no matter a person's age or health status.

Do I need credits for my Social Security disability case?

When a Missourian has an injury, illness or condition and seeks disability benefits from Social Security, he or she must understand the importance of credits and how they are earned. For Social Security disability benefits, there must be a certain amount of credits earned before getting an approval. Knowing how these are accrued is vital to a case.

Social Security disability benefits and inability to ambulate

When a Missouri resident has an injury that leaves him or her with an inability to work, there are certain aspects that the Social Security Administration will need to have verified before approving Social Security disability benefits for injury. One is the ability or lack thereof to ambulate effectively. Not being able to ambulate can severely inhibit or outright prevent a person from being able to fulfill the general tasks of gainful employment.

U.S. Army veteran fights to restart SSD benefits for injury

Former service members in Missouri and across the country might think that suffering injuries while in combat and returning home unable to work will yield Social Security disability benefits for injury. However, in some cases, people who are clearly disabled are having trouble getting approved and maintaining their Social Security disability benefits. When a person has injuries from military service, it is important to understand how to apply for and receive SSD benefits for injury. If there is a denied claim, it can be appealed.

Receiving Social Security disability and workers' compensation

Missourians who are injured, become ill or have a condition because of their work will often be able to collect workers' compensation benefits. They might not be aware that they can also collect Social Security disability benefits. Before trying to collect both, however, it is important to know that workers' compensation and other disability payments can affect the benefits that are available through Social Security.

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