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Legal help with a divorce and premarital agreements

Some Missouri residents have significant assets that they would like to protect before they get married. Others seek to handle this after they have gotten married. This is where premarital and postnuptial agreements come in. Understanding how these agreements can affect the case if there is a divorce underway is one of the most contentious and worrisome issues in family law. Having legal assistance for these cases is a must.

What is considered with property division in a Missouri divorce?

Divorce can be a complicated situation for all couples in Missouri. The issues that come up for dispute are many and one that is frequently problematic is how property division and debts will be handled. Understanding how the law deals with property and debts is imperative when the case is moving forward. While it is preferable for the parties to come to an amicable agreement, that is not always possible. So, having a grasp of the law can avoid being a negative outcome.

What issues can a Missouri court consider in a divorce?

Getting divorced in Missouri can be an emotional endeavor. When a couple gets married, they will overwhelmingly want it to work out so they can stay together and maintain the family unit. In reality, a significant proportion of marriages fail. There are a variety of reasons for this. When deciding to divorce in Missouri, it is important to remember the basics of completing the process. Knowing the state laws for a divorce is part of that.

Important points about when child support terminates in Missouri

In a divorce, former spouses who have children will undoubtedly be concerned about child support. Supporting children is one of the key aspects of a divorce case and often has various areas of dispute. One issue that often comes to the forefront is when the child support will end.

Divorce can come about for a variety of reasons

When a Missouri couple marries, the obvious goal is for the union to work for the long term and that they will remain together. In some cases, however, divorce is often inevitable. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 22 percent of couples will have marital issues within the initial five years. This is referred to as "marital disruption" and references the couple separating, divorcing or one of the spouses dying. When a couple has been married for 20 years, that rises to 53 percent. There are several reasons why this is often the case.

Financial challenges can be mitigated with proper divorce prep

Missourians who are divorcing will have significant emotional issues to get beyond as part of the process. This can obscure other divorce issues that can have even greater long-term effect on their lives. Finances must be considered during divorce proceedings. While this is a persistent problem for people ending their marriage, there are steps to take to mitigate these problems and to be protected. A legal professional can be helpful in organization and being fully prepared.

Key family law considerations for older couples in dispute

Family legal issues are not limited to younger people. In Missouri and across the country, a greater number of older couples are choosing to part ways even if they have been married for an extended period. Spouses in longtime marriages will often have issues in dispute that are not as prominent with younger couples. It is more likely that there will be significant assets if it is a couple that was together for a long time and was able to accrue a vast portfolio. Property division and retirement accounts will come into focus.

Understanding the value of a family law professional on your side

The process of a divorce is seldom easy. There are plenty of considerations and decisions to be made including property division and possibly spousal support or alimony. And if there are children involved, the discussions and decision-making process can be especially difficult and trying for all parties involved.

Dividing ownership of pets in a divorce

When a married couple divorces, the parties must go through the process of dividing the marital property. With some financial assets, such as bank accounts, the parties can often reach a fair result by simply dividing things in half. Some other types of financial assets, such as ownership stake in a business, can be a lot more difficult to divide. And, of course, division becomes really tough when it comes to unique items or things of sentimental value. Typically, the parties have to negotiate over these pieces of property, and the debate can be emotional. Some of the hardest of these cases involve pets.

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