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SSD benefits and the ability to work

Many people in Missouri want to work to earn a living. However, for those living with a disability, their ability to work is hampered. Adding another complex layer to the matter is the fact that when a disabled individual returns to work, they may not be able to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Helping you navigate the SSD application process

A sudden injury or accident can be an overwhelming experience. Not only is an individual dealing with the pain associated with the injury, but he or she is also stuck dealing with the medical bills associated with the medical treatment required following the incident. And, in some cases, these injuries are so severe that people are unable to work for an extended period of time. This can be extremely impactful, as it can be challenging to pay the bills.

Will an unsuccessful work attempt result in a denied claim?

Not all Missourians who are suffering from an injury, illness or condition that they believe warrants Social Security disability benefits or are already receiving them are completely unable to work. Their ability to perform substantial gainful activity (SGA) is a critical part of the application process. For some, they want to try and get back on the job, but are unable to. This can cause a problem with the initial claim for SSD benefits and a reconsideration. For those facing this dilemma, it is important to understand an unsuccessful work attempt (UWA) and to have legal advice throughout the entire SSD process.

Will not following prescribed treatment lead to a denied claim?

Missourians who are seeking Social Security disability benefits should be aware of the federal requirements that are part of the process. This goes beyond being disabled and meeting the basic criteria to be approved for benefits. It includes adhering to the prescribed treatment to try and improve the situation so the person can do what is necessary to get back to full fitness and have the chance to work. For those who do not follow the prescribed treatment, it is important to understand the Social Security Administration's rules and how it will impact the case.

Objecting to a consultative source for Social Security disability

In some Missouri cases in which a person is seeking Social Security disability benefits for injury, the decision cannot be made based on the evidence the Disability Determination Services and the Social Security Administration has. To come to an informed conclusion and ensure that everyone whose issues are of sufficient severity to be approved, the applicant will be asked to take part in a consultative examination.

Plan would seek Social Security Disability fraud via social media

When a Missourian has an injury, illness or condition that prevents them from being able to work, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are a solution to the unavoidable litany of problems that accompany this. Medical costs, the need for help in making ends meet - there are some of the challenges that a person who needs SSD will face. Legal help with a case is imperative regardless of the circumstances, especially when a person is legitimately disabled and might face a denied claim due to allegations of fraud.

Did I work long enough to qualify for Social Security Disability?

Missourians who are injured and facing an inability to work will understandably try to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits for injury. With SSD benefits, however, there are certain federal requirements as to the amount of work they did and whether they qualify to be approved. Understanding the system and how Social Security credits are accrued to get SSD benefits is an important first step before even applying. This and any other issue with SSD benefits should be discussed with an experienced disability attorney.

How does Social Security disability help wounded warriors?

Missourians who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces should be aware of what benefits they can receive if they are injured. The Social Security Administration has certain benefits that are specifically in place to help wounded warriors. Understanding these benefits is critical to getting them. When there is an issue or confusion with being approved, having legal help is a must.

Remember the importance of legal help for SSD with a back injury

After suffering a back injury, Missourians will often be at a crossroads on what they should do next. This is true whether it is a person who goes to work every day without fail, a stay-at-home parent, a student or anyone else. The debilitating problems that accompany a back injury or spine injury can be complicated and long-lasting. It can be difficult to perform even the most basic tasks, let alone get back to work and a normal schedule. This is when it is essential to consider the prospect of applying for Social Security disability benefits for injury.

How is traumatic brain injury evaluated for SSD benefits?

Missourians who have suffered a traumatic brain injury could have their lives upended in that one unlucky moment. This can happen in a variety of ways whether it is in a motor vehicle accident, because of a work accident, a slip and fall incident and more. Hitting one's head can cause untold damage and lead to the inability to work and function normally.

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