5-state tour about the veterans not the music

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Bill Evans has played his guitar in front of music lovers for nearly seven decades now. During that time, he opened for David Frizell and Shelly West and even went fishing with John Wayne. It was his most recent act that brought about personal emotions, hitting home. 

The musician took his wife, his guitar and even his three dogs with him on a tour through five states celebrating the service that veterans give their country. The tour took them to nursing homes, care facilities, VFW halls and other locations throughout Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Illinois. 

His concerts were not a big money-making production. While they may have been held in a simple setting, his entertainment ability had the crowds rocking to the music.

For him, it really was about the veterans, many of whom suffered injuries during their service that left them disabled upon return. As a serviceman himself, he understands the sacrifice they made. “We have all these veterans who are in these homes and hospitals that nobody really thinks about,” he said.

Evans simply wanted to let them know that what they have done is appreciated. It was rewarding for his wife as well who said that “it was wonderful to see their responses.”

Many returning veterans need the assistance of disability benefits, and the assistance of a Social Security Disability attorney can help ensure that they qualify for those benefits. The application process can be daunting for veterans, but they don’t have to shoulder that burden alone.

Source: The River Cities Daily Tribune, “Kingsland musician Bill Evans goes on tour of duty for ‘forgotten’ veterans,” Daniel Clifton, Aug. 14, 2013

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