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July 2019 Archives

Is your disability case under review?

If an accident or illness changed your life, you may be learning to adjust little by little. Your illness or injury prevents you from working, so you have to rise above your condition the best way you can and find ways to make your days meaningful. Still, you may spend much of your time simply dealing with medical issues.

Property division and individual bank accounts can be complex

When couples in Missouri get married, they might want to protect their property in case the marriage ends in divorce. A strategy some will implement to achieve this is to have separate property in their own names. Bank accounts, automobiles and homes are examples. For those who are under the impression that this is a failsafe method of keeping items out of the divorce and shielding them from property division, this can be a mistake. There is always nuance in a divorce and the law will frequently categorize these issues differently than people think. When getting a divorce or simply considering one, it is important to understand how property will be divided regardless of whose name is attached to it.

Can you get disability benefits for somatic symptom disorders?

Some Missouri residents are suffering from a form of mental illness. For some, their condition can be treated with therapy and medication and they can work and function in society with relatively few concerns. Others, however, have symptoms so severe that they impact every part of their life. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to work. Medical treatment is needed to help them. For those who are in this situation, Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions are a critical part of daily function and making ends meet.

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