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June 2015 Archives

How Windfall Elimination Provision affects SSD benefits-Part II

Last week's post discussed the Social Security Administration's Windfall Elimination Program and highlighted how Social Security disability benefits are affected when the Windfall Elimination Provision is applied. This blog post delves deeper into the subject and discusses exactly how this provision works and how the SSA determines the deduction.

How Windfall Elimination Provision affects SSD benefits-Part I

Many Missourians depend on Social Security Disability Insurance benefits to meet their basic living expenses, which is why any potential reduction in benefits is of profound concern to any recipient. Little known to most but of big concern is a Social Security Administration rule governing wages paid in previous years to recipients who did not have federal taxes withheld.

A St. Louis disabling injury needs more than sympathy

When a Missourian loses their job, their world can come crashing down. The reasons for job loss are many, and a lot of people are able to return to work. However, when the job loss is the result of a disabling work-related injury, matters can get difficult. A disabled worker may receive workers' compensation according to Missouri law, but it can only solve some of the many financial problems.

How does the SSA review SSDI beneficiaries' medical conditions?

Because a disability can mean a Missouri resident can no longer work, he or she may suddenly lack enough income to meet basic living expenses. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are intended for these people as long as they paid Social Security taxes during their work lives. The qualifying conditions are detailed in the Social Security Administration's Red Book, which also includes guidelines on periodic review of all disabling conditions.

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