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February 2014 Archives

Mental illness study looks at role of parental age

Researchers are always attempting to learn more about mental conditions. What risk factors increase the chances of schizophrenia? What is the best course of treatment for those with attention deficit disorders or bipolar disorder? What role does parental education levels or income play in mental conditions?

Simultaneous MRI and radiation therapy offered by new device

When the tests have been completed and the results analyzed, the next step after a cancer diagnosis is to determine a treatment plan. Radiation is often a big part of this treatment, and as the patient moves forward with the plan, continual testing will help determine the status of the illness, success of treatment and areas where adjustments might be needed.

Camp Lejeune veterans develop cancer decades after exposure

They are now scattered around the country. Some have moved several states away -- possibly to Missouri -- and some may have only moved miles away, but this group of around 1 million people has one thing in common. They cooked using, brushed their teeth with or otherwise consumed the water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina between the years 1957 and 1987.

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