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September 2017 Archives

Can I pursue SSD benefits because of cancer therapy?

Missourians who have cancer can pursue Social Security disability benefits for illness. However, depending on the cancer and the treatment the person is receiving, the illness might not be sufficient to meet the criteria to get SSD benefits. Understanding how the anticancer therapy affects the person is important when determining whether they can receive SSD benefits or not.

The real military threat may be in your marriage

There are many factors that contribute to a successful marriage. Certainly, some common items may include open communication, trust, time together and common goals. Trauma and tragedy often stress a marriage to the breaking point, and couples facing such obstacles either come through stronger and more dedicated to each other, or they become distant and withdrawn from one another.

What is the USFSPA maximum payment amount in a military divorce?

When a Missouri military divorce takes place, there are many different issues that must be navigated. Some of these could be in dispute, so it is important to understand the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA). Under this act, the right to distribute military pay when a service member ends his or her marriage is given to state courts. USFSPA also gives a method of enforcement via the Department of Defense (DOD). There is a limit to the amount a non-military spouse can get from the military member's pay. There is a maximum payment amount.

Do I need credits for my Social Security disability case?

When a Missourian has an injury, illness or condition and seeks disability benefits from Social Security, he or she must understand the importance of credits and how they are earned. For Social Security disability benefits, there must be a certain amount of credits earned before getting an approval. Knowing how these are accrued is vital to a case.

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