Why you should report life changes for disability benefits

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Reporting life changes for Social Security Disability benefits is important.

For example, failing to report changes can lead to incorrect benefit calculations. It can also result in potential overpayments or underpayments.


Updating the SSA about life changes helps you maintain eligibility for SSD benefits and other benefits, such as SSI. The SSA evaluates individuals’ eligibility based on various factors, including income, work activity and disability status. Common changes to report include these:

  • Income
  • Resources (including bank accounts and vehicles)
  • Employment
  • Address or persons moving in or out of the household
  • Marital status

Failing to report changes promptly could result in individuals receiving benefits they are no longer eligible for, leading to potential penalties or loss of benefits in the future.


Failure to report changes in income or other circumstances can lead to overpayments of SSD benefits. Overpayments occur when individuals receive more benefits than they should due to inaccurate information provided. By promptly reporting changes, individuals can prevent overpayments and avoid potential financial hardship by having to repay the SSA.

Legal consequences

The SSA expects beneficiaries to report changes accurately and in a timely manner. Intentionally withholding information or providing false information to the SSA can result in legal action, including fines or even criminal charges.

Additional support services

Reporting life changes to the SSA can also connect individuals with additional support services they may be eligible for. Certain life changes, such as changes in household composition or financial situation, may qualify individuals for supplementary assistance programs.

By promptly updating the SSA about changes in circumstances, individuals can ensure they receive the appropriate benefits and avoid potential legal and financial consequences.

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