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July 2015 Archives

It is possible to find employment despite disabilities

Disabled Missouri residents who are receiving Social Security Disability benefits may be aware of the employment opportunities that are available exclusively for them. The SSD-only employment program allows a disabled person to work and earn money and also to continue receiving the SSD benefits, as long as that person reports to work and remains disabled. The benefits are given irrespective of how much the employee earns.

Rehabilitation programs for veterans in Missouri

American veterans often have a difficult time re-entering American society. Veterans in Missouri can look forward to a number of state programs that cater to their medical needs and other veteran's issues. The Missouri Department of Health and Human Services provides information related to services offered to the residents of the state, as well as information about key services that are offered to veterans. The services offered for veterans include programs related to head injuries and rehabilitation from other injuries.

HIV/AIDS and disability determination for SSD benefits

There is no denying that HIV/AIDS are serious illnesses. Anyone diagnosed with HIV/AIDS should know that the Social Security Administration acknowledges the seriousness of these illnesses and offers Social Security Disability benefits to those who are eligible.

Schizophrenia patients can apply for St. Louis SSD

Missouri residents suffering from schizophrenia experience varied and severe symptoms that are often difficult for caregivers to manage. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) understands the various challenges schizophrenia poses to those who suffer from the disease and their caregivers, so it provides Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to those schizophrenia patients who meet the criteria set by the SSA.

Veterans exposed to Agent Orange residues to receive VA benefits

Military veterans in Missouri and elsewhere in the country who were exposed to Agent Orange for years after the Vietnam War recently received good news. They will now be eligible for Veterans Administration benefits to cover any health issues they experienced as a result of their exposure. Agent Orange was used by U.S. military as a defoliating agent during the war, applied by C-123 aircraft over jungles used by members of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese army to move troops and materials into South Vietnam. The planes were later used by the Air Force between 1969 and 1986 for nonmilitary missions.

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