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April 2016 Archives

The Social Security Disability appeals process

Disabled Missouri residents who are unable to work need financial relief, and they need it fast. For many, the Social Security Disability system can be frustrating, since it can take a significant amount of time to have an initial claim reviewed, and many individuals find themselves facing a denial of their initial claim. As much of a letdown as this may seem, those suffering from a disability should take comfort in knowing that there is an appeals process that may allow them another chance at recovering the financial assistance they need and deserve.

Veterans may be able to recover compensation for disabilities

The federal government offers military service members a number of benefits both to incentivize them to join the military and to reward them for their service to our country. These individuals may be able to receive educational benefits, as well as housing and employment opportunities that may not be available to civilians. Yet, the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces often suffer unexpected physical and mental injuries while on active duty. This can significantly affect their post-service life, sometimes rendering them unable to work and carry out what many would consider to be a normal life.

Blindness, visual impairment and Social Security Disability

Many jobs in Missouri require workers to have certain abilities and skills. Employees may spend a lot of time and money to acquire and develop these skills, leaving them well-positioned to retain employment, keep it and find financial stability. Yet, there are many individuals across Missouri who lack even the basic abilities needed to perform many jobs. For example, some Missouri residents suffer from blindness or some form of visual impairment that impacts their ability to work.

Advocating for disabled Missouri residents

Social Security Disability is a wide-ranging program that provides relief to many individuals and families across Missouri. As was discussed in a previous post here, there are multiple categories into which an individual's disability may fit. Each of the broad categories is broken down into more specific conditions, and in order to qualify for benefits an individual must be able to show that certain requirements are met and spelled out to qualify for that particular disability.

Does my illness qualify me for Social Security disability?

The list of medical conditions and illnesses that make a person eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance is not a static piece of work. It changes from time to time. Whether your illness or condition makes you eligible for insurance benefits depends on many factors.

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