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October 2018 Archives

Do I need education or alternate dispute resolution in a divorce?

Missourians who have decided to divorce will undoubtedly understand that there are many issues that must be navigated. However, the law has certain requirements that people might not be aware of, but are important nonetheless. In some cases, the court will make it mandatory that there be educational sessions or alternative dispute resolution meetings. If this is the situation, the parties should know when it could be ordered and how it works.

Orthotic and prosthetic devices and Social Security disability

When a Missourian has a musculoskeletal issue that impairs them, Social Security disability benefits are an option if the injury leads to an inability to work. When seeking SSD benefits for injury, people who use orthotic devices or prosthetic devices will find that these devices are important when it is determined whether the benefits' requirements are met. Understanding the criteria for this situation is key as any problem could lead to a denial. Of course, having legal assistance is crucial for any disability case.

What should happen after a workplace accident?

A workplace accident can leave you with significant injuries and bills that you may not be able to pay by yourself. Missouri workers may know that they could have a rightful claim to benefits after an accident, but most are unfamiliar with the process or what they should do next. If you were hurt in an accident, it can be helpful to understand what to expect from the workers' compensation process.

Social Security disability for mental illness requires legal help

The most basic aspects of a Social Security disability case can be the most complex for a Missourian who is suffering from mental illness. Simply having the condition and showing evidence of it is often not enough. With mental illness or any other condition that falls into that category, the case will hinge on following the rules dictated by the Social Security Administration and applying as required. Knowing the steps to take and understanding eligibility is one of the most important hurdles at the start.

Divorce issues affect older people in different ways

A growing trend in the U.S. is the number of people who are considered older and are deciding to get a divorce. Missourians who are in this situation should think about the various issues that accompany a so-called "gray divorce." Problems that people 50 and older who decide to get divorced can differ from those experienced by younger people. Since the 1990s, the number of people 50 and older who have divorced has doubled. One obvious reason that there has been a rise in these divorces is the increase in lifespans. However, there are other considerations that should be assessed when thinking about a divorce at a later age and having legal help is crucial.

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