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December 2018 Archives

Remember the importance of legal help for SSD with a back injury

After suffering a back injury, Missourians will often be at a crossroads on what they should do next. This is true whether it is a person who goes to work every day without fail, a stay-at-home parent, a student or anyone else. The debilitating problems that accompany a back injury or spine injury can be complicated and long-lasting. It can be difficult to perform even the most basic tasks, let alone get back to work and a normal schedule. This is when it is essential to consider the prospect of applying for Social Security disability benefits for injury.

Military divorce, deployment and how it impacts child custody

Missourians who are in the military or are the spouse of a military member will face concerns that civilian families do not. This is especially true when there is a military divorce and the issues that accompany it are addressed. One that is concerning and complex is how child custody and visitation is dealt with during deployment. A deploying parent compounds any custody and visitation issue and can cause emotional stress and disputes. Having legal assistance from a law firm that understands the challenges that confront military families is critical from any perspective.

How is traumatic brain injury evaluated for SSD benefits?

Missourians who have suffered a traumatic brain injury could have their lives upended in that one unlucky moment. This can happen in a variety of ways whether it is in a motor vehicle accident, because of a work accident, a slip and fall incident and more. Hitting one's head can cause untold damage and lead to the inability to work and function normally.

Watch your step. Winter weather raises risk for slip-and-fall

Just because the snow is falling and the temperatures are below freezing does not mean you get to stay in your warm and cozy home. You may have to go to work, get the groceries or finish your shopping for the holidays. When the weather turns slick, you have to rely on Missouri business owners and property managers to take care of things so you can walk without fearing you will take a spill.

SSD benefits, mental illness, ADL and social functioning at work

For Missourians suffering from mental illness, the problems that accompany it can be so severe that they are unable to work and require Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. Getting approved for SSD benefits will naturally entail meeting the requirements. When a person has been diagnosed with a medically determinable impairment, they are on the way to getting an approval. However, there are other steps that are important. That includes the Social Security Administration determining if the impairment(s) impact the person's ability to work enough so they can be approved. Part of that is assessing the functional areas that people need to work.

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