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February 2016 Archives

What is the Representative Payment Program?

Most of our readers know that many Americans struggle with a disability. In addition to having to cope with a physical or mental condition, the ripples sent throughout a disabled person's life by the condition can be significant. Although they can certainly affect a person's ability to perform what were once everyday tasks, the person might also be incapable of earning a wage. When this is the case, Social Security Disability may be an option available for financial relief.

Spinal cord injuries and Social Security Disability benefits

Our bodies are incredibly resilient. Oftentimes, we can be subjected to serious injuries and our bodies, over the course of time, will repair themselves. But, at the same time our bodies are also extremely fragile. Some injuries can leave an individual completely and permanently disabled which, needless to say, can make life extremely difficult. Acquiring much needed medical attention can be costly, and being disabled may render an individual unable to work. Without income and with medical expenses piling up, financial uncertainties may arise.

Helping Saint Louis residents with SSD claims

For some Saint Louis residents who suffer from mental conditions, the distress may be so severe that they are unable to carry on a normal life, including obtaining and holding a job. Although some may come to peace with their condition, they may struggle to make ends meet and obtain the medical care they need.

VA backlog continues to keep veterans from disability benefits

Veterans are amongst the most highly respected individuals in our country, and rightly so. These men and women put their lives on the line, sacrificing everything for the betterment of our country. Although these individuals should be treated as the heroes they are, far too often they face significant challenges, particularly when it comes to disability benefits.

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