What is the Representative Payment Program?

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Most of our readers know that many Americans struggle with a disability. In addition to having to cope with a physical or mental condition, the ripples sent throughout a disabled person’s life by the condition can be significant. Although they can certainly affect a person’s ability to perform what were once everyday tasks, the person might also be incapable of earning a wage. When this is the case, Social Security Disability may be an option available for financial relief.

The application process can be long, complex and frustrating at times, and the troubles do not necessarily stop once benefits are obtained. For example, a situation may arise where a benefits recipient is unable to properly manage the funds. This can lead to further financial hardship in a time when relief was supposed to be acquired. So, what can be done to remedy such a situation?

The Social Security Administration has what is known as the Representative Payment Program, which aims to solve these issues. Through the program, the SSA designates another individual to receive the benefit recipient’s payments. This typically occurs once the issue is reported. The SSA strives to find a relative or friend to fill the representative payee position, and they have an online system to simplify the process.

This is just one of a number of issues that can arise in the course of receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Those who inadequately handle these matters may find themselves, or their loved ones, facing significant financial challenges. Therefore, in an attempt to meet federal requirements, obtain benefits and properly manage those benefits, disabled individuals may want to get more information about the details of Social Security Disability benefits.

Source: Social Security Administration, “When People Need Help Managing Their Money,” accessed on Feb. 21, 2016

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