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May 2019 Archives

Military divorce and a deploying parent delegating visitation

Divorce is hard on any family, but when one of the family members is in the military and might need to deploy at a moment's notice, it is even more complicated. With the number of military members in or from Missouri, it is important to understand how certain factors related to a military divorce are handled once a parent deploys. Visitation and keeping the deploying parent and that parent's family involved with the child is one such issue and it can be the foundation for a substantial dispute. Having legal assistance with these complex matters requires a law firm experienced in representing service members and their spouses.

SSDI and compassionate allowances

It is no secret that applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a long and often frustrating process. Because of the high rate of fraudulent applications, agents at the Social Security Administration are diligent about scrutinizing applicants, evaluating their conditions and examining their claims. The SSA denies the claims of many first-time applicants.

How the gig economy impacts Social Security disability benefits

In Missouri and across the nation, an increasing number of people are taking part in contingency work - also known as the "gig economy." While this can be beneficial to people and companies, it also raises concerns as to how people who are contingent workers will fare if they are injured, ill or suffer a condition and need Social Security disability benefits. A recent study from Boston College says that these workers should have help in dealing with SSD benefits. Of course, when anyone suffers a work-related injury or any other kind of medical issue that prevents them from working, they should have legal assistance.

Objecting to a consultative source for Social Security disability

In some Missouri cases in which a person is seeking Social Security disability benefits for injury, the decision cannot be made based on the evidence the Disability Determination Services and the Social Security Administration has. To come to an informed conclusion and ensure that everyone whose issues are of sufficient severity to be approved, the applicant will be asked to take part in a consultative examination.

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