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January 2014 Archives

Study: average age for a spinal cord injury is 51

Symptoms of a spinal cord injury can range all the way from minor or temporary numbness all the way to complete paralysis. Although there is a wide range of the severity of these types of injuries, even numbness that lasts for only a year can get in the way of an individual’s ability to work and possibly classify someone as disabled under the Social Security disability program.

Paralyzed woman said her disability has taught her a lot

Accidents can happen to anyone and at any time. No one is immune from disease or exempt from developing a disorder. This is something that one woman wants people to remember. Her intent isn’t to scare people or make it seem like a disability is something to inherently fear, as she said many people do. The truth is that what is difficult can be very rewarding.

Affordable care act expands developmental disability coverage

For those with developmental disabilities such as autism, life can be filled with a few more obstacles. Finding coverage for medical services can be one of these hurdles for the simple fact that many insurers are less willing to cover the medical needs that these types of developmental disabilities demand, which is why many individuals rely on Social Security disability benefits or other public assistance to cover the costs.

American history includes life with disability, says 10-year-old

American Girl dolls hit the scenes years ago, with a couple characters that represented the diversity of women that grew up in the country. Now, not only do young girls have an array of strong female characters to choose from, but they can make one in their own likeness -- that is unless they have a disability.

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