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June 2017 Archives

Legal assistance can be vital in a military divorce

Missourians who are either in or have served in the United States military are not immune to the family problems that can lead to a divorce. In fact, being a military family carries with it certain responsibilities and pressures that might make it more difficult for some couples to remain together. No matter the situation, whether it is a couple with both spouses in the military, active duty service members or military retirees, it is essential to have legal assistance if there is a dispute and a pending divorce.

Clarifying confusion over Social Security disability benefits

In today's political environment, many Missourians could be confused about certain aspects regarding Social Security and the benefits that people are entitled to. One is Social Security Disability Insurance. Given the way certain political figures are trying to remake the government, including Social Security and its benefits, it can be ignored that SSDI can be just as important for a person living with an injury, illness or condition as Social Security benefits are for a person of retirement age. The truth about SSDI should be accounted for.

The basics of SSDI and SSI and how it relates to diabetes

Suffering from debilitating effects of diabetes makes your life a challenge. Your daily life consists of the pain, accommodations and maintenance requirements of your condition. In addition, you may worry that you can't adequately provide for yourself or your family anymore. This could lead to depression, anger and other negative consequences, even though the situation may be out of your control.

What does extreme limitation after a brain injury mean?

Missourians who have suffered a brain injury might be able to receive Social Security disability benefits for injury. However, the criteria needed for the Social Security Administration to approve the benefits must be met. There are certain terms that are used that many laypeople do not fully understand. It can be a confusing process. One is how "extreme limitation" is defined in the context of what the person can do. For example, if a person cannot stand up from a seated position easily, it can be difficult to find a job.

Budget proposal could affect Social Security Disability benefits

Missourians who have a medical issue can often receive Social Security disability benefits due to their condition. There are several programs that provide these benefits, including Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. Those who are seeking or are already getting these benefits should pay attention to current events to know how certain legal changes might affect them. One is the budget proposed by President Donald J. Trump and how it would reduce SSDI.

Social Security disability for Wounded Warriors: important points

Memorial Day is a good time to consider certain Social Security disability benefits that people who were wounded during their military service might be eligible for. Missourians who are considered Wounded Warriors should be aware that their qualifying SSD benefits for injury could be affected by military pay and status. It is also important to know what information must be provided to the Social Security Administration when seeking benefits.

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