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August 2016 Archives

Fighting for the SSD benefits you deserve

Living with a serious illness can be difficult on many levels. You may feel under the weather for significant periods of time, you may experience excruciating pain, and you may be unable to participate in activities you once loved. Medical treatment may help dull or eliminate symptoms, but for many Missourians, their medical condition is long-lasting or permanent. Sadly, these individuals, who should be focusing on their health and caring for their families, often have to concern themselves with their finances, as an inability to work can lead to lost wages and medical expenses.

Multiple sclerosis and Social Security disability

If you are dealing with a medical condition, then you are likely facing pain, discomfort, uncertainty and disruption of your day-to-day life. This can be bothersome, to say the least, but for many Missourians, their medical condition leaves them disabled. They are unable to work on account of their condition, which can throw their financial situation into disarray. This precarious situation can be made even more unstable when the medical condition requires extensive, and costly, medical care.

Appellate court reverses denial of SSD benefits

As we have discussed before on this blog, the Social Security disability claims process can be challenging to successfully navigate. Many Missourians find that their initial claims are denied, neglecting to appeal the decision. This unfortunately results in full denial of SSD benefits. A recent appellate court decision, though, can help illustrate just how important it is to seek out every appellate opportunity available.

What is a "fully developed claim" with regard to disabled vets?

Serving in our nation's military is a brave endeavor. Those who put their lives on the line to serve our country should be treated with respect, and our country should promise to take care of those who suffer injuries as part of their service. Many military service members take advantage of disability benefits, but the process can be complicated and, unfortunately, extremely lengthy. This wait time can leave injured veterans in a tough financial predicament, threatening their very well-being.

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