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July 2017 Archives

Understanding how working can affect SSD benefits

Missourians who have been approved for and are receiving Social Security disability benefits whether it is for an injury, illness or condition frequently want to go back to work if they are capable. However, they have concerns that their SSD benefits will stop once they start earning money. There are federal regulations tied to those who are on disability and work. It is important to understand how benefits can be affected by working.

Falling down on safety leads to higher chance of job site falls

Construction sites can be inherently dangerous places to work, but that does not mean that the men and women employed in this field do not have the right to a reasonably safe workplace. In fact, implementing and enforcing safety measures can greatly reduce the chance of an accident, and therefore, reduce the chance that a Missouri construction worker will suffer an injury. 

Epilepsy, seizure and the requirements for SSD benefits

Missourians who have been diagnosed with epilepsy might not be aware that they can get Social Security disability benefits for illness. In some instances, people who suffer from seizure do not even know that they have epilepsy to begin with. For those who think they or a loved one might have epilepsy and suffer from the different kinds of seizures that go along with it, it is possible to receive SSD benefits if they meet the necessary criteria.

Receiving Social Security disability and workers' compensation

Missourians who are injured, become ill or have a condition because of their work will often be able to collect workers' compensation benefits. They might not be aware that they can also collect Social Security disability benefits. Before trying to collect both, however, it is important to know that workers' compensation and other disability payments can affect the benefits that are available through Social Security.

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