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December 2014 Archives

Missouri residents can get financial help for brain injuries

Financial assistance following a brain injury is important for both individuals and families wherever they live, including in Missouri. Various federal and state programs, as well as community organizations, can help a person recover financially in the event that he or she has trouble with cognitive processes and is thus unable to work for a year or longer.

VA asks Vietnam veteran to return pension overpayments

Residents of Saint Louis, Missouri, will no doubt sympathize with a dying individual who wants to be left in peace and spend his last few days with his loved ones rather than arguing with government officials. One can only imagine the trauma that a dying Washington state veteran has been going through after being told by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to repay an overpayment of his pension benefits, which was caused by the VA's own paperwork backlog.

Getting the right information as you seek disability benefits

Many residents of Missouri would probably agree that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and the moment could dramatically change the life of a person forever. It could lead to physical or mental disabilities, leaving the person unable to work ever again, or at least for a long period of time.

The SSA's process of determining disability

Most residents of Saint Louis, Missouri, would probably agree that a sudden disability for a wage earning family member can be traumatic both emotionally and financially. Thankfully, there are provisions under the Social Security Disability benefits program that can help a disabled person during this difficult time.

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