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October 2013 Archives

Disability advocates: '60 Minutes' of misleading television

We wrote in our prior post about a documentary that captured the very unique story about an incredible boy diagnosed with progeria. The television documentary was a rare look into the personal life of someone living with a disability. On the other end of the spectrum, says disability advocates, is a television episode that does a "tremendous disservice" to that same group of individuals.

'Life According to Sam' a rare look into life with rare disease

Clinical trials are critical for a drug to be given approval by the Food and Drug Administration for use in treatment plans across the United States, including in St. Louis. In some cases, this is much easier said than done; take those seeking a cure for the fatal disease known as progeria.

Boating accident in Missouri leads to serious injuries

Social Security disability benefits help those who can’t work due to illness, injury or intellectual impairment. Half of the process involves proving that the applicant earned less than a designated amount. This half also includes the determination of whether or not the applicant can return to previous work or whether there are any other jobs that the applicant can earn a living under.

Shutdown could endanger veterans' disability payments

It's clear that the federal government shutdown has been one of the biggest topics of discussion across the country. As policymakers continue to debate, the reality is that thousands of people are being affected. In fact, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shineski has indicated that veterans may not receive disability benefits for the month of November if the shutdown continues much longer.

Walk a day in my shoes said one SSD beneficiary to critics

With the current discussion surrounding the balance of the Social Security trust fund, it is no surprise that political pundits, lawmakers, financial professionals and many more in Missouri and nationwide have weighed in with their concerns. One issue that has been raised is the rate of benefit approval by administrative law judges in different jurisdictions.

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