What is a guardian in the military?

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Military members face unique challenges not only in the course of their jobs but also at home with their families. One thing that every military member should understand is the importance of guardianship and the role it plays in their enlistment and family.

Guardianship applies in situations when you cannot make decisions due to deployment, incapacitation or other disruptions.

What types of guardianship should military members consider?

There are a couple of different types of guardianship that apply for military members: in loco parents, guardianship of the person and guardianship of the estate.

Guardianship in loco parentis (in place of the parent) is important for your minor children. Name someone you trust to take care of your children in the event of deployment, injury or incapacitation. Name a secondary guardian in case of any complications.

Guardianship of the person involves making decisions about your personal care, including medical decisions, living situations and quality of life.

Guardianship of the estate addresses guardianship of your financial matters, including management of your assets, ensuring your financial security and providing for your children from your estate funds.

How do you choose a guardian?

Choosing someone for a guardianship role is a big decision. When it comes to your children, choose someone you trust who shares your values and can give them a loving home. For your personal guardianship, consider someone who understands your wishes and will follow any advance directive you establish. Discuss your intentions with any planned guardian ahead of time. Make sure they will take the role willingly and comfortably.

Military deployments can last anywhere from a few months to more than a year according to the USO. Recognize the risks and ensure adequate precautions with appointed guardians for you and your children.

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