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May 2017 Archives

Is my arthritis grounds for a disability claim?

Arthritis is a debilitating and painful condition that can have an impact on various areas of your life, including your ability to work. Many people diagnosed with this disease live and work with relative ease thanks to medication and other forms of treatment, but the most severe cases can be crippling, overwhelming a person's ability to enjoy a certain quality of life. 

When can I receive SSD benefits for bipolar disorder?

People in Missouri who have a mental disorder often do not even realize that they have it or that its severity might warrant an approval for Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. There are different types of mental issues; one that can lead to an approval is bipolar disorder. A person who has bipolar disorder experiences irritability, depression, elevated or expansive mood and loses pleasure in most activities. This results in a diminishing of functioning. The person might feel hopeless, guilty, think about suicide, experience a significant deviation in body weight or appetite, have issues sleeping, experience a rise or reduction in energy, lose impulse control, feel sad, euphoric or withdraw socially.

U.S. Supreme Court decides on military retirement benefits case

Veterans, military members and their non-service member spouses who reside in or are stationed in Missouri and are getting a divorce will undoubtedly have questions about how their benefits will be allocated when the case is decided. Divorce issues are complicated, but when there is a dispute over military benefits, it is of greater difficulty. A case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court was decided and it will have an influence on how a military divorce and its benefits are handled.

What parents should know before being deployed

While military action has not made major headlines in the last few weeks, overseas deployments still occur (and will continue to do so). If you are a single or newly divorced enlisted parent, you understand that you may be deployed again.  Because of this possibility, several things should be in order when you receive deployment orders.

Aside from medical condition improvement, when can SSD stop?

St. Louis residents who are receiving disability benefits through Social Security will undoubtedly be aware that if their condition improves, the benefits will stop. This is a basic part of the federal regulations that the Social Security Administration follows with SSD benefits for illness, injury or any other issue. However, there are also other justifications the SSA can use to stop benefits and these too must be understood. When the SSA decides to stop benefits due to these other reasons, having legal help is vital to try and get them back if they are still warranted.

Key family law considerations for older couples in dispute

Family legal issues are not limited to younger people. In Missouri and across the country, a greater number of older couples are choosing to part ways even if they have been married for an extended period. Spouses in longtime marriages will often have issues in dispute that are not as prominent with younger couples. It is more likely that there will be significant assets if it is a couple that was together for a long time and was able to accrue a vast portfolio. Property division and retirement accounts will come into focus.

Can I receive SSD benefits if I have multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that can render a person unable to work and in need of help with daily function. St. Louis residents who have been diagnosed with MS may be able to get Social Security disability benefits provided they fulfill the requirements laid out by the Social Security Administration. MS is a disorder that is chronic, inflammatory and degenerative. It affects a sheath that surrounds the nerve fibers of the brain and spinal cord and interrupts the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain and other areas of the body. This hinders the person's strength, muscle coordination, balance, vision and sensation.

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