Aside from medical condition improvement, when can SSD stop?

St. Louis residents who are receiving disability benefits through Social Security will undoubtedly be aware that if their condition improves, the benefits will stop. This is a basic part of the federal regulations that the Social Security Administration follows with SSD benefits for illness, injury or any other issue. However, there are also other justifications the SSA can use to stop benefits and these too must be understood. When the SSA decides to stop benefits due to these other reasons, having legal help is vital to try and get them back if they are still warranted.

If a person has had vocational training, if there were advances in medical care and treatment to deal with their issues, or if there was an improvement in vocational technology, the benefits can be stopped. The SSA might stop benefits if there was a mistake in a previous decision to approve them or to continue them. In some instances, a claimant is accused of making false statements to receive an approval. If that is found to be the case, they can be stopped.

Some claimants are accused of not adhering to the treatment the doctor ordered and did not have a good reason for doing so. If that is the case and the person could get back to work if the treatment was followed, then the benefits can be stopped. The SSA expects people to cooperate with them. If there is a lack of cooperation and a good reason is not presented, the benefits can be ended. Finally, if the person is working and the amount being earned per month shows they are doing substantial gainful work, the SSA can decide to no longer provide the benefits. The amount considered substantial gainful work changes annually.

As with any instance in which the SSD benefits are stopped, there are options to appeal and try to get the benefits back. There are times when a person is still disabled and the SSA stops benefits for the above-listed reasons. If they should not have, it can be wise to appeal. Discussing a case involving Social Security disability benefits with an attorney can help with a case in which the benefits were stopped.

Source: Social Security Administration, “How We Decide if You Still Have a Qualifying Disability, pages 3-4,” accessed on May 8, 2017

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