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September 2018 Archives

How is child support enforced and who can receive state help?

Missourians who are supposed to receive child support should get it in full and on time. However, there are times when they do not get the payments as they are supposed to and it is necessary to seek help from the Family Support Division. When seeking that help, it is first important to know who is eligible for child support services. Then, it is beneficial to understand what steps FSD can take when child support is not being paid and no other attempts to receive the payments have been successful. Knowing this information is key before taking the next step.

Are you at risk for a work-related illness?

You may know that you have a right to seek workers' compensation benefits after a work accident, but you may not know you have this same right if you are sick because of your work. Sick workers are entitled to financial benefits if toxic exposure or the environment of their job led to illness. If you are sick because of your job, you have options. 

Man with serious back injury repeatedly denied for SSD benefits

Missourians who are seeking disability benefits for injury should, of course, focus on properly filling out the application and doing what is necessary to meet the federal requirements for an approval. It is also wise for those who are applying or have already been approved or denied for benefits to pay attention to stories of others who have sought SSD benefits and had issues with their case. This applies not just to Missouri but to states across the nation.

Can a final decision or determination for SSD be reopened?

When a Missourian seeks benefits through Social Security disability and there is a denied claim that has become finalized, there might be a belief that the case is concluded and there is nothing more that can be done. However, even when the decision, revised decision, determination or revised determination is final, there is the chance that the Social Security Administration can reopen it and revise it. Understanding when this can take place is the first step for a person who is seeking SSD benefits to have the case reopened for a potentially better result.

What if there is a dispute over child relocation in Missouri?

For Missouri couples who are getting a divorce, there is a litany of issues that must be dealt with. Even when the case has been settled and the factors in dispute have seemingly been addressed, that does not mean the peace will last forever. This is especially true when there are children involved. In some instances, the custodial parent will want to relocate with the child. Even in cases where there is a relatively amicable parting of the ways, relocation can cause problems that turn the relationship contentious if not outright hostile. Understanding how the law of the state deals with relocation is imperative for both sides.

What are earnings requirements for Social Security disability?

Missourians who are injured, ill or have a condition and find themselves unable to work will want to think about applying for Social Security disability benefits. If there are concerns about whether the application will be approved or not, it is imperative to understand the various rules that dictate a claim and whether the person meets the federal requirements for qualifying SSD benefits for injury. One of the foundational areas of SSD benefits is the earnings requirement for disability benefits. It is vital to meet the basic criteria before anything else.

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