Man with serious back injury repeatedly denied for SSD benefits

Missourians who are seeking disability benefits for injury should, of course, focus on properly filling out the application and doing what is necessary to meet the federal requirements for an approval. It is also wise for those who are applying or have already been approved or denied for benefits to pay attention to stories of others who have sought SSD benefits and had issues with their case. This applies not just to Missouri but to states across the nation.

A Utah man who has sought SSD benefits because of a back injury and has been repeatedly denied went to the local media for assistance. According to him, he would like to get back to work but has been informed by his doctors that he is unable to. At one point, the state itself determined that he could not work. For 17 years, he has had the back issues and needed surgery. After the problems started, they gradually worsened to the point where he could not stand for more than 15 minutes at most. He had worked as a welder, but the back problems made it necessary for him to quit.

Because there were no forms of local employment that he could do, he was approved for Medicaid. However, the benefits stopped several years ago. The Social Security Administration denied his eligibility. He filed appeals after being denied with evidence from his treating doctors as to his inability to work, but he was still denied. The medical issues have continued, and he is having financial struggles because of it. Confronted with media intervention, the SSA said that the man’s benefits were denied due to the belief that he can do other work. The man is seeking a hearing on his case but has not received a reply yet. He is set to have another surgical procedure for spinal fusion.

People across the nation who believe they meet the criteria to qualifying for SSD benefits for injury should know that there is no guarantee that they will be approved regardless of the circumstances. As this Utah case shows, the SSA can deny benefits and leave people wondering what they will do next. Having legal assistance experienced with helping people who are seeking Social Security disability benefits can ensure that case is handled properly and if there are denials, the appeals process is followed through upon. This is the first call that a Missouri resident seeking SSD should make to avoid the same problems as in this case.

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