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November 2013 Archives

Are standards too strict for veteran PTSD-assault claims?

Filing for disability benefits is rarely considered an easy road. The process requires detailed proof of a disability, and failure to include any necessary documentation could result in a denial. In cases involving impairments such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other similar impairments it can be even more difficult to provide sufficient evidentiary proof.

SSDI and SNAP programs overlap for 8 million recipients

Inflation is a term that is used in relation to economics to describe the gradual increase in the cost of goods and services over time. It doesn’t require a course in economics for those in St. Louis that rely on Social Security disability benefits to understand this concept. They feel it when budgeting for each day, week or month.

Missouri residents, social media users support teen with TBI

Across the nation, safety experts have been discussing the need to better protect the minds of high school, college and professional athletes. Researchers have found that repetitive concussions and even singular severe trauma to the head can cause significant damage to the brain.

70% of polling places inaccessible to those with disabilities

Nov. 5 is voting day, but some people are finding that casting their constitutionally protected vote isn’t that easy. Knowing that this is a Saint Louis Social Security Disability Law Blog, it isn’t that hard to figure out that we are talking about voters who have a disability. So why are so many cities and states struggling with the idea that polling places need to be accessible?

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