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July 2013 Archives

Fraud, fees and SSD's EFT program

When an individual suffers from a long-term disability, develops a mental impairment later in life, is seriously injured in an accident or has any other disability that leaves them unable to work, Social Security Disability benefits are a place that they can turn.

Bill seeks to fast track SSD benefits for terminally ill

Last week, three U.S. lawmakers introduced a bill that, if passed, will remove the 5-month waiting period that those with terminal illnesses must currently wait when seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

Those with autism may be eligible for SSD benefits

Every day, countless Americans with unique mental conditions find that they face hardships that others simply do not share. And, while these mental conditions are often difficult enough to deal with by themselves, they can be especially challenging when they make it virtually impossible for the individual to work and earn income on a daily basis.

Preventative screenings not available for many with disabilities

For many of those with disabilities, proficient and competent medical care is an absolute necessity. Thankfully, medical care is often provided to disabled individuals who qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) through Medicare and Medicaid.

New study may help SSD claims for people with fibromyalgia

Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia not only have to deal with chronic pain throughout their body but often have to convince other people, including their own doctors, that they are not lying about the intense pain they feel. Having to deal with the deep tissue pain caused by fibromyalgia and the stigma associated with the disease, many people struggle with how to handle their disease when not everyone believes there is something wrong with them.

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