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August 2019 Archives

Understanding the compassionate allowance program

Being diagnosed with a serious illness can be a life-altering event. Whether this occurred at birth or was a medical condition that was acquired later in life, it can be challenging to navigate life when an illness worsens or is so severe that one is unable to work or live their normal life.

Prioritizing your child's future during your custody discussions

It is no secret that child custody is one of the most contested issues in a divorce. Missouri parents often find it difficult to come to reasonable agreements on things like visitation, schedules and more. If you are facing divorce, you may wonder how you can have more control over the future instead of leaving the final custody order in the hands of an impersonal court.

SSD benefits and the ability to work

Many people in Missouri want to work to earn a living. However, for those living with a disability, their ability to work is hampered. Adding another complex layer to the matter is the fact that when a disabled individual returns to work, they may not be able to receive Social Security disability benefits.

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