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August 2018 Archives

Can my SSD application be approved via fast-track?

Much has been said about people in Missouri and across the nation who have endured extensive waiting periods for a decision on the application for Social Security disability benefits. For many, their medical issues and illnesses are so severe that they need an approval quickly to provide them with assistance as they try to get well. While some will not be eligible to be part of the "fast-track" process, many can take part and get their decision faster than they otherwise would. A law firm that understands all areas of disability can help with such a circumstance.

How much of my income is paid in support in a military divorce?

Since there are many members of the military in Missouri, it is not unusual that some of their marriages end in divorce. For those who serve, there are different rules for how a military divorce is handled. Many will have concerns regarding how much of their income they will be ordered to pay the former spouse in alimony and child support. Knowing the basics of how the amounts are determined is imperative when a military member is ending a marriage. According to the Consumer Credit Protection Act, there is a limit to what can be deducted from a person's earnings to pay alimony or child support. It ranges between 50 percent and 65 percent of their disposable earnings. The amount will vary based on the circumstances of each case.

Do multiple impairments affect my application for SSD benefits?

Missourians who are suffering from different types of impairments might think that it is simple logic that the Social Security Administration will assess their application for Social Security disability based on their disabilities and not base it on other factors. However, the federal regulations can be somewhat complex and the rules confusing. For example, those with multiple impairments should know how the SSA goes about assessing these issues when determining whether to award SSD benefits or not. Understanding how unrelated severe impairments, concurrent impairments and their combined effect will influence the case is an important part of a case.

What does an employer have to do after a workplace accident?

Most Missouri employers have the obligation to protect their workers by having a specific type of insurance for workers' compensation. The point of this is to provide help and support for individuals who may suffer injuries in workplace accidents or become ill due to occupational exposure. It may also allow grieving family members to secure death benefits if a person dies in a work accident.

Understanding when Social Security disability can end for adults

Missourians who have an injury or medical condition that prevents them from working will likely want to seek Social Security disability benefits. For those who are seeking benefits because of an inability to work, it is not a simple matter of being approved for benefits and keeping them forever. The idea of disability benefits is to assist those who need it, so they can go through rehabilitation, therapy and other treatments. It is hoped that if these steps are taken, eventually the recipient will no longer need these benefits. In some cases, there is a dispute as to whether the benefits should continue or not. Therefore, it is important to known when disability ends.

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