Can my SSD application be approved via fast-track?

Much has been said about people in Missouri and across the nation who have endured extensive waiting periods for a decision on the application for Social Security disability benefits. For many, their medical issues and illnesses are so severe that they need an approval quickly to provide them with assistance as they try to get well. While some will not be eligible to be part of the “fast-track” process, many can take part and get their decision faster than they otherwise would. A law firm that understands all areas of disability can help with such a circumstance.

The Social Security Administration has a fast-track process that gives benefits to those who have a medical condition or conditions that are of sufficient severity that there will be limited or no debate of whether they meet the requirements to get disability. There are two processes that are used under fast-track: Quick Disability Determinations (QDD) and Compassionate Allowances (CAL). With these, the SSA uses technology to expedite the decisions due to the severe disabilities.

QDD screens applications and identifies those who are considered highly likely to be approved with the medical evidence easily accrued. A computer will screen these cases and identify the applicant to fall into this category. This helps with expediting the case. With CAL, certain medical issues and diseases are identified as automatically meeting the requirements for the applicant to be classified as disabled. This lowers the amount of time the applicant must wait. This also uses up-to-date and constantly improving technology to find those who meet the standards and will be approved faster than they would be if they went through the basic process.

People who are dealing with an illness that requires quick resolution to their SSD application should be aware of these two programs that can speed the process. A law firm with experience in all aspects of Social Security disability benefits cases can help with the application and using fast-track to get a quick decision and an approval.

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