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April 2018 Archives

New federal regulations implemented to protect SSD recipients

When a Missourian is approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, there are times when the person is not capable of handling his or her own affairs. This is when there will be a representative payee assigned to oversee the person's benefits. However, this has been a problem for some as there are times when the representative payee will not use the benefits for the good of the recipient. The idea of Social Security Disability benefits for illness is to care for the person. The Social Security Administration, tasked with ensuring these people are protected, now has a new law to help toward that end.

Will you have your SSDI claim accepted the first time?

Even if you love your job, it is not the place you want to be if you are sick or in pain. While you depend on your paycheck to pay your bills, you may wonder if that benefit is worth the effort it takes to get out of bed and get yourself to the workplace. In fact, many days it is almost impossible for you to complete the duties required of your position at your job, and you don't think you will be able to continue long enough to retire.

Limits in exertional, non-exertional and inability to work

When a Missouri resident is seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) for injury, there will inevitably be terms that he or she might not fully understand. However, these terms are often vital to the claim and could make the difference between getting approved for SSD benefits. Exertional and non-exertional limitations are examples.

Social Security Disability and SGA tests for the self-employed

Missouri residents who have suffered an injury or illness and are unable to work can seek Social Security Disability benefits. However, since the assessment of the applicant's ability to perform substantial gainful activity is so integral to a case, those who are self-employed might be confused as to where they fit in with the equation and the requirements. There are certain rules that the Social Security Administration will use when evaluating a self-employed person's work activity. Part of that is tests to see if the person has reached SGA. Knowing these tests is crucial to an application.

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