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December 2013 Archives

Association found between PTSD and myocardial ischemia

We’ve said it before in our Saint Louis Social Security Disability Law Blog; obtaining Social Security disability benefits involves much more than checking a box next to a disorder. Obtaining SSD benefits involves not only proving that one has a disability, but that it also affects their ability to work, which is why individuals often hire an attorney to help facilitate the process for them.

Rare pain syndrome starts as physical ends as psychological

There is a rare disorder called Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome, also known as Widespread Pain Syndrome, Pain Associated Disability Syndrome and even Diffuse Idiopathic Pain Syndrome. It goes by a number of different names, but it describes the same thing: widespread pain of an unknown origin.

Up on the rooftop...slick, slick, slick

Back, neck and spine injuries are serious injuries that could leave an individual out of work for a significant period of time. In some cases, an injury may affect an individual's ability to work for a year or even more. Those that suffer an injury of this type may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Is ADHD on the rise or is it easier to diagnose?

Readers of our Saint Louis Social Security Disability Law Blog have probably heard the warning that statistics can be as misleading as they are helpful. Statistics certainly help explain some very important phenomena and issues. They can also be manipulated or misinterpreted when the “why” behind some numbers is ignored.

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