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February 2015 Archives

SSD benefits may be seized by creditors in certain cases

Social Security Disability benefits help many disabled St. Louis residents meet their financial responsibilities. SSD income, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans' benefits and other government benefit programs are protected from creditors in most cases. Details about those protections can be found in Section 207 of the Social Security Act.

VA can help disabled veterans find employment

St. Louis residents who are in the armed forces can be deployed suddenly and without much notice. Military personnel usually go alone, leaving family behind. After reporting for deployment, some soldiers may return with severe injuries that can interfere with their day-to-day lives and can limit work opportunities.

A Missouri lawyer can help fight denied Social Security claims

The Social Security Disability Benefits Program was established to provide financial assistance to those disabled people who are unable to work because of their disability. However, an inefficient bureaucracy has made it difficult for disabled people to obtain financial help when they need it.

New congressional rule could lead to cuts in SSDI benefits

For many Americans, including some in Missouri, a permanent disability, however or wherever suffered, can make life extremely difficult in many ways, including financially if the person cannot work. Fortunately, one Social Security program has been able to help these people pay their bills for decades, and otherwise live without sinking deeply into poverty.

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