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June 2014 Archives

Federal audit illustrates scope of VA medical delay scandal

Over the past several weeks, scandal has rocked the Department of Veterans Affairs. First, the public learned that a single clinic run by the VA had covered up its scheduling procedures in such a way that hundreds of patients had been delayed access to necessary care. Then, the public learned that this unacceptable treatment of our nation’s veterans was not isolated to a single clinic but is indeed a systemic problem.

Bill introduced in US House to shore up SSDI funding

Commentators, pundits and some politicians have shown public concern for the financial pressure that the Social Security disability trust fund has been facing in recent years. When stories make the media about the Social Security Administration, the media often focuses primarily on the retirement program administered by the agency. The disability insurance program pays its benefits through a fund that runs separately from the retirement program. The SSA says that its trustees have indicated that the SSDI trust fund could become insolvent by the year 2016, or shortly thereafter.

Vast increase in women obtaining Social Security disability

In a surprising new study that doesn't really have an answer for the statement it makes, the National Center for Policy Analysis found that since 1970, the amount of women receiving Social Security disability payments has increased dramatically. As of 2012, 48 percent of the workers who were on disability were women. In 2000, that figure was 43 percent, and back in 1970 that figure was a mere 29 percent.

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