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January 2018 Archives

SSD and requirements for limitations in mental functioning

One of the biggest factors for Missouri residents with mental illness getting Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for mental conditions is how their mental disorder is evaluated. The evaluation assesses the person's ability to function in various circumstances, including daily activities and at work settings. For those whose issues prevent them from being able to function sufficiently to work, this can be an important factor in meeting the requirements to be approved for SSD benefits.

The importance of legal help with SSD benefits for illnesses

When a Missourian has an illness that he or she believes warrants Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, it is not a simple matter of applying and being approved. The process is much more complicated than that. There are various considerations that must be accounted for including whether to seek Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or if the person meets the requirements for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Since SSD benefits provides help with medical care and living expenses, the government is trying to ensure that only those whose illnesses are of sufficient severity that they cannot work will get them. This makes it important to understand the process from the start.

Seeking disability for chronic migraines

It's not just a headache. Anyone who has ever experienced the debilitating pain of a migraine will agree that your world comes to a crashing halt, and there is little you can do except to ride it out. Millions of people suffer from chronic migraines, and many like you have symptoms that are so severe they can't get out of bed. Often, these symptoms occur several times a month.

What should I know about credits for Social Security Disability?

For Missourians who are injured and unable to work, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for injuries can be a lifesaver. However, one aspect that many applicants are not fully aware of is among the most important: Social Security credits. There are a certain number of credits accrued from work that the person must have to get SSD benefits. For those who work, but do not have enough credits to qualify, they will retain the credits they have accumulated. If they go back to work, the credits they earn can be added to the credits they had in the past.

SSD evidence requirements for mental conditions

For Missouri residents who are suffering from what they believe are qualifying mental conditions to receive Social Security Disability benefits, the evidence is one of the most important factors in getting an approval. Most will understand the need for medical evidence, but there are other aspects that can be used to provide proof to the Social Security Administration that the person warrants Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions. This includes evidence from people who know the applicant and evidence from schools.

The unique issue of pensions in a military divorce

The life of a service member can be a difficult one for not only that person, but also the family. In many cases, the challenges faced - movement to a different base or deployment - are mostly out of the hands of the military member, but can be a challenge for the entire family. Unfortunately, when it comes to divorce, these types of issues unique to service members can also creep up.

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