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January 2019 Archives

Steps to make a divorce more amicable and less dispute-laden

When a Missouri couple chooses to divorce, there are usually lingering issues that spark that decision. Whether they are significant, such as infidelity or financial mismanagement, or of lesser seriousness in that the parties just grew apart, it is wise to try to understand strategies to keep the relationship amicable, if possible. That does not necessarily mean that a couple should be "friends" in the classic sense of the word, but it does mean they will work to avoid an excessive amount of conflict. This is especially important when there are children involved. Knowing how to achieve this is a wise step as part of any divorce.

How are immune system disorders assessed for SSD benefits?

Missourians who are suffering from an illness or a condition that affects their immune system will be vulnerable to a variety of issues. These can reach a level of seriousness that hinders their ability to work, which means that they may need Social Security disability benefits to make ends meet. When immune system disorders are mentioned, the first thing many people think about is HIV and AIDS. However, there are other immune system disorders that result in significant health problems and could warrant an approval for SSD benefits for illness. Legal help is integral to obtaining these benefits.

Losing SSD benefits when ill can be a major problem

When Missourians and anyone across the nation is suffering from a debilitating illness or condition and they receive Social Security disability benefits for illness, there is a profound sense of relief. While they are getting SSD, they will have the ability to focus on improving their condition and trying to get into a state where they can, if possible, no longer need those benefits. A common worry for people who are declared disabled and get benefits is when the Social Security Administration decides they should stop providing the benefits. For those who are in this situation, legal help is a must.

Custody does not have to be an ongoing battle

When Missouri parents divorce, they often find themselves at odds over issues relating to child custody. Parenting time, access and visitation are some of the most emotionally charged issues in a divorce, and it is often difficult to come to terms with the final order. Hard feelings and conflict can continue well after the process is final. 

New tax laws impacting spousal support deductions now in effect

Missouri couples who were considering divorce but did not move forward with it before the end of 2018 should know about how the new tax laws put in place by the Trump Administration will impact them with the dawn of the new year. For those who were completely unaware of how the changes could help or hinder various areas of divorce, it is wise to have a grasp on what is changing and how the person paying spousal support and the person receiving spousal support will need to adapt at tax time. Of course, having legal assistance is always a wise step.

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