How are immune system disorders assessed for SSD benefits?

Missourians who are suffering from an illness or a condition that affects their immune system will be vulnerable to a variety of issues. These can reach a level of seriousness that hinders their ability to work, which means that they may need Social Security disability benefits to make ends meet. When immune system disorders are mentioned, the first thing many people think about is HIV and AIDS. However, there are other immune system disorders that result in significant health problems and could warrant an approval for SSD benefits for illness. Legal help is integral to obtaining these benefits.

When the Social Security Administration evaluates immune system disorders, it will gauge those that lead to one or more areas of the immune system being dysfunctional. These conditions can result from issues with producing antibodies, impairment of cell-mediated immunity, or some combination of the two. This can cause a person to suffer from infections on a recurring basis.

There can be inflammation and body tissue dysfunction that results, too. An immune system disorder can result in single or body system deficits with serious functional issues. SSD benefits can be provided if there are lesser degrees of limitation in two or more body systems or organs. Signs of this can include fever, fatigue, and weight loss, amongst other characteristics. There are three categories of immune disorders: autoimmune, immune deficiency excluding HIV, and HIV.

For people who are suffering from disorders of their immune system, their condition can cause them to suffer greatly. They may find themselves with the need for medication and extensive treatment, and they may be unable to work a regular job. So, to say that the symptoms and long-term impact of these conditions can be extremely problematic is putting it mildly. Seeking Social Security disability benefits is frequently the only alternative available to these individuals to make ends meet and get the care they need to deal with their illnesses and conditions. Contacting a law firm that understands the problems they are facing and the law as it applies to this area is a critical aspect to successfully claiming SSD benefits.

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