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April 2019 Archives

What if there is a dispute over an irretrievably broken marriage?

In Missouri, one of the basic requirements for a couple to be granted a divorce is relatively simple in that the marriage must be irretrievably broken. In many cases, the parties will agree that the marriage is no longer viable and will state that it is irretrievably broken, allowing them to divorce. However, in some instances, one of the parties will deny the dispute is sufficient that that the marriage is irretrievably broken. When this happens, it is important to understand how the law handles these cases and what to do next. Having legal assistance with complex divorce issues such as this is key.

Pension, custody and other unique issues in a military divorce

Divorce is a difficult and complex process, and it can be particularly difficult for couples when one or both spouses serve in the military. There are various things that can make a military divorce complicated, and it may be in your interests to know what to expect and how to protect your interests. Preparation can help you avoid unnecessary complications and have reasonable expectations.

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