Legal help is key with child support in a military divorce

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Military members in Missouri and across the nation face a great deal of stress and pressure given the requirements of their service. In many instances, that can take a toll on a marriage and spark a military divorce. As with any divorce, there will be a litany of issues that must be navigated. That includes spousal support, child custody and child support. Caring for children is one of the key issues in a military divorce and given the difficult nature of a military life – especially for children – it is imperative to have legal help to address these issues.

All family law issues can differ when they are in a military context and people who have one or both spouses who are members of the military. Child support is complicated in any case, but with military circumstances, it is even harder to handle. Like to a civilian child support determination, the court will order how much will be paid in child support. There is a formula that will be used. It considers custody and the income of the spouses.

For people who are thinking about a divorce or have already decided to end a marriage, there are many questions that will arise when children are involved. The spouse who is asked to pay might wonder if he or she really needs to pay support and how much it will be. If a parent is given custody, he or she will want to know how much will be paid.

Wage withholding can be a concern as will the way it is handled through a wage assignment, wage garnishment or involuntary allotment. A voluntary allotment could be a possibility. The needs to the child and accompanying expenses will come to the forefront. Some want to modify a child support order. In many instances, there will be changes to the custody and visitation arrangement and this can impact support.

When a divorce is underway, it is wise to have legal help in any case. If it is a military divorce, it is even more important. A law firm with expertise in military matters can help with the concerns associated with determining child support. Calling for a consultation is vital and must be done as soon as possible.

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