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March 2015 Archives

Re-employment plans for Missouri's returning military members

Rehabilitation and employment plans for St. Louis, Missouri, military veterans are undergoing some serious changes. Unemployment issues for these veterans are also a matter of serious concern. A report suggests that almost 2.5 million Americans served in Iraq and Afghanistan and many of those returning military have yet to find work after ending their military service. New programs plan to ensure employment of returning uninjured veterans or help disabled veterans obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they may need or find employment that suits these veterans' abilities.

Missouri offers crucial services to TBI patients

There are many people in Saint Charles as well as in the entire state of Missouri who are living with a traumatic brain injury. Those TBI sufferers and their families understand that life after a TBI is not only difficult for the victim but also for the victim's family members, who have to provide continual emotional and financial support. In order to help such TBI victims and their families, The Missouri Department of Health runs the Adult Brain Injury Program, which helps victims regain their footing after getting a TBI.

A Missouri lawyer can help veterans get Social Security benefits

Residents of St. Louis, Missouri, who were or are also military personnel, know that they were or are currently at greater risk of receiving various types of injuries, even dying while on active military duty. Serious injuries resulting in permanent disability or death can deeply impact the emotional and financial health of a veteran and his or her family.

Do non-citizens living in Missouri need a Social Security number?

The Saint Louis area is home to many people from other countries who want to work in the United States. In general, immigrants can work in the United States if they are authorized to do so by the Department of Homeland Security.

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