A Missouri lawyer can help veterans get Social Security benefits

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Residents of St. Louis, Missouri, who were or are also military personnel, know that they were or are currently at greater risk of receiving various types of injuries, even dying while on active military duty. Serious injuries resulting in permanent disability or death can deeply impact the emotional and financial health of a veteran and his or her family.

Various federal and state laws, as well as programs, have been specifically aimed at providing support for veterans, who are disabled and require assistance to live dignified lives. Two of these programs are Social Security benefits and Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

However, these laws and programs are implemented by bureaucrats, not military personnel, who routinely reject Social Security benefit claims for various reasons. Your case may be among those cases rejected, and a lawyer may be able to help.

Our law firm has been serving veterans for many years by obtaining the rightful benefits they deserve. Our firm’s lawyers come from military backgrounds, and they have first-hand experience with the issues faced by military personnel today.

Our lawyers understand the complexities governing Social Security laws, and we are with our clients every step of their case to help obtain the benefits they are entitled to receive. We help our clients gather the needed formation and medical records that are an essential part of establishing the disability that is eligible for SSD benefits or other available benefits.

Our firm will support a veteran client, from the moment we become his or her lawyer, so that our client recovers all benefits. Benefits can include additional Social Security benefits and disability benefits, due to injury or conditions that were a direct result of active military service. We also help the dependents of veterans obtain survivor benefits.

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