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December 2017 Archives

Can my children get benefits if I get Social Security disability?

When a Missouri parent is injured and needs Social Security disability benefits, one common concern is what will happen with their children and if the children can also receive benefits. The Social Security Administration will pay not just to help those who receive qualifying SSD benefits for injury, but for their families as well. This is done so the children can have what they need to function on an everyday basis and complete school. Knowing who is eligible and how to get these benefits is imperative.

Fighting for workers' comp benefits after a denied claim

If you suffered an injury at work, you know how important it is to have financial support. You have medical bills to pay and a family to support, and a work accident can be a significant threat to your financial well-being. However, injured Missouri workers may find that it can actually be quite difficult to secure benefits after a work accident.

Cardiovascular issues and waiting for more evidence for SSD

When a Missouri resident has a cardiovascular issue that he or she believes warrant the approval for Social Security disability benefits, the evidence is one of the key factors toward getting those benefits. Claimants must meet a variety of federal regulations and requirements before being approved. Evidence is a key factor in the process and there are times when the Social Security Administration will wait before asking for more evidence regarding the issue or issues as it makes its decision.

Is it worth it to appeal if my Social Security disability stops?

A Missourian who is getting Social Security disability benefits for injury and had the benefits stopped might be discouraged thinking that an appeal is a waste of time. However, the Social Security Administration has multiple levels of appeal and many people who meet the criteria for qualifying SSD benefits for injury have had their benefits stopped and then got them again on appeal. There are four different levels of appeal: reconsideration, a hearing before an administrative law judge, going to the appeals council, or filing with federal court. It is vital to understand certain basic factors about the process.

Taking the needed steps to win a Social Security disability claim

A Missouri resident who has suffered an injury and cannot work will have the right to seek Social Security disability benefits for injury. However, it should be remembered that many claims are denied. Frequently, this is not due to the injury not being sufficient to achieve qualifying SSD benefits for injury, but because there might have been missteps or mistakes made while going through the process of applying. That makes it wise to ensure that the case is properly prepared with help from an experienced attorney.

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