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August 2014 Archives

Social Security benefits may provide relief for the disabled

All residents of Missouri want to fulfill family obligations entrusted to them. They work, take care of their families and also save for the future. When financially independent, St. Louis residents are confident they can support their families and survive any hardships. However, a sudden tragedy, such as a loss of eyesight or hearing, paralysis or memory loss, may render a person helpless and unable to work, casting doubt on the stability of the family's financial future.

Can disability benefits be claimed in case of mental conditions?

There are some people in Missouri who cannot work due to their physical or mental conditions. If these people can prove that their physical or mental condition prevents them from being employed, they can claim disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Compared to physical disabilities, mental conditions have a social stigma attached to them and are often more difficult to prove.

Social Security Disability Benefits for brain injuries

Missourians are aware that brain injuries can seriously affect a person's everyday life. The person may suffer from memory loss, headaches and physical disabilities, including, but not limited to, the ability to sit, stand, bend or communicate. Since the brain is the most complicated organ in the human anatomy, the effects of the injury are very complex and can differ in every person.

Endorsed policy changes could benefit Social Security

When an individual in Missouri is injured or seriously ill, they often think about how they will deal with the potential financial problems their illness or injury could cause. Receiving Medicare benefits as well as Social Security disability benefits might be their best options, but due to constraints on these benefits, some might be denied Social Security benefits.

Report reveals major problems with SSA's planned computer system

The Social Security Administration found itself facing heavy criticism from a powerful congressional committee last week following the publication of an independent report outlining major failures by the agency in its quest to develop a computer system designed to expedite disability claims.

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