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November 2014 Archives

We can help in matters related to Social Security disability

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are intended to help those who have disabilities that make it hard or even impossible for them to support themselves. But Social Security benefits are sometimes denied because of procedural technicalities that an applicant may have trouble understanding, let alone satisfying. Because of more than six decades of experience and expertise in the area, the attorneys at Alan E. DeWoskin, P.C., know how to address these problems.

Do workplace injuries also qualify for SSD benefits?

Federal laws, as well as Missouri state laws, allow people with disabilities due to injury to claim Social Security benefits. One of the most common reasons for severe disabling injuries is injuries obtained while on the job. While an employee may get compensation for workplace injuries from worker's compensation insurance, sometimes that compensation is not enough to cover treatment and living expenses. In such cases, SSD benefits for injury may also be received.

How Social Security Disability benefits are evaluated?

Illinois law recognizes that mental health disabilities under certain conditions may entitle a person to disability benefits. Certain mental health illnesses, such as schizophrenia, may make it next to impossible for a person to lead a normal life and work or hold on to employment for a long time without regular healthcare.

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